ACTION LINE is a brand-new product line which has been designed together with amateur and professional sportsmen. Thanks to the implementation of innovative research and manufacturing technologies, we have created professional supplements which outdo traditional products and nutrients in terms of promptness and effectiveness. Digesting capsules, pills or powder may be significantly impeded before, during and after training, a time which is essential for your body. Your organism engages all its strength to achieve one goal, namely to produce energy for your muscles which work hard during training. At that moment, digestion and absorption of nutrients are very limited. So how can you get all the nutrition and active substances at that time? What can you do to avoid putting a strain on your digestive system and to deliver nutrition quickly to the place where it is needed most? The best and most convenient way of supplementing nutrients is HYDRO GEL and NANO COLLOID. Thanks to special technology, the active ingredients contained in the ACTION LINE products are not only much more stable, but also highly bioavailable.


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